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The Feral King
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of the creatures below his feet
and the insects beneath the earth
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Alright dollface yer’re askin’ fer it.

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Super Nosey Honesty Hour

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the  new ask meme: send me literally anything and ill tell you something i hate about it

Twist: conversely, I’ll have to also tell you one thing I like about it.

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creeper-pasta i’m not going to argue with you you probably do have the best teeth

ivan-marmoratis sure! <3

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inkcorrosion aww, sorry. that’s okay we could probably throw a better party than them heheh 

ivan-marmoratis well i’m glad it’s nothing major, i was a little worried there for a second. when she feels better you two should come over. 8)

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Fuzzy Junior is a surprisingly strong and competent individual despite being a giant cat that refuses to speak anything but gibberish screaming noises a vast most of the time. I’m as proud of him as much as I’m annoyed by him.

Aw, you’re kids sound sweet. Nothing quite like a bunch of little ones to brighten your day, huh? Rabbit sounds like a total doll. I’m kind of surprised you have sons though…. I mean I probably shouldn’t, but I’ve had horrible luck when it comes to making boy nymphs. They almost always turn out aggressive. The only male I’ve crafted that doesn’t try to claim territory it’s in for itself is Issac and he still has his moments. Took me a little over three dozen tries to make him act just right.

My two sons are both young men and complete shits. I still adore them, but they’re completely impossible to handle sometimes. Enjoy your sons before they’re teenagers, you’ll be amazed at the trouble they can cause then.

They definitely brighten my day. I love them to death.

Really? Well, I guess I had that with Bear. He snapped and pushed at me every step of the way until one day he just… took off. Same with Wick, but for different reasons.

I’m keeping a really close eye on these two. Salmon was pretty worried when he first found out. Oh god I hope nothing happens. Now I’m worried. So far everything seems good, they’re very affectionate and they listen to me well, Cabal can just be a little high-strung and anxious sometimes. 8(

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