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The Feral King
Lord of the Wild Wood
of the creatures below his feet
and the insects beneath the earth
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Hello tumblr I’m awake


I’ve been awake so yeah I’m going to take Licorne out on some trails bbl

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Seeing as you are a candybug I’m assuming your nobility came from ah… less then noble origins. You look like a Turbo. Turbos and Sugar Rush aren’t known to mix well. If you didn’t make a hostile take over of the game please do correct me, but at this point I’m afraid I assume any Turbos or King Candies I see have done things to soil the reputation of my franchise.

Plus as a virus, you need to devour data do you not? That’s harmful to a game and the sprites in it. You exist to hurt as does any other predatory beast does to it’s pray.

That said you seem like a decent enough person despite all of this. Not letting your viral nature take over your life and not gloating over the fact you’re a virus is definitely better then most other viruses or cybrids I know.


I don’t know. I don’t remember. I only have partial reign over my particular Sugar Rush at the moment, I’m guessing from stepping in and out of the game so much and neglecting it. Granted, the locals do seem to hate my very existence, I’ll give them that, but I did spend some time terrorizing them in the forests, and… . .… okay, I see your point.

I just… watch myself very closely. Take things that respawn quickly, tiny fragments of code, just enough. I have let my viral nature get the best of me before. It’s very, very difficult to keep cybug instincts under wraps, I’m sure you’re aware. I don’t want to let myself get out of control.

I just don’t

don’t like being a virus.

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ivan-marmoratis … . .… okay. yes. talk, heh. 

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rewriteturbo .. . …. yeah…

that doesn’t make me feel any better. i’m not here to hurt people. 8(

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ivan-marmoratis cchchchrhrr

. .… .

… . okay.

yes i’m a virus. you know, eat a game, hunt things with code in them, spread like the bubonic plague all that cute stuff.

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shadowbirdsitu but i’m still a virus. 

inkcorrosion it wouldn’t be so bad except you know. the death threats and grouping us all together and implying we’re all happily mindless killing machines

ask-reboot-turbo thank you, but still

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there’s been so much virus hate going around lately i just

i don’t blame people at all for saying the things they do but it still

feels really horrible.

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