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The Feral King
Lord of the Wild Wood
of the creatures below his feet
and the insects beneath the earth
About Relationships OOC

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noooooo not the kittens, my one weakness (of many).

You’re making /me/ sad too, what about two sad leeches?

no sad you’re not allowed. 8(

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Y r u grumpy babe? :(

i don’t know >8(

pecks ur grumpy cheek

nips at ur feathers

That’s a shame, you’re gonna make Ivy very sad if you stay grumpy.

>8(((( huff huff.

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i’m grumpy look at this grumpy face >8( >8( >8(

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Chateau de Talcy 


Chateau de Talcy 

"A heating blanket maybe what you need. Perhaps Kayla’s choice should be considered, but with the inclusion of your two actively talking to one another. That way, you get to be warm and stay awake." ^u^

a heating blanket sounds fantastic but why in the name of all that is good and holy would i want to stay awake ever. 

Nah my stories can be boring anyway. At least if you have trouble sleeping I know how to lull you into it

well i won’t arguing with being lulled.

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8( find warm place near the volcano?

HSSSSSS no volcano. i want warm but not that warm

I’ll wrap you up in my comforter and pet your pretty face and tell you stories.

i’ll fall asleep if you tell stories but it’s not because they’re boring, it’s just that i’m sleepy and being petted

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they’re slowly but steadily dropping the programmed temp in my game and i can already feel myself slowing down

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